IUI Treatment Chennai India – Intra Uterine Insemination Treatment Costs



Infertility has become a significant concern of the human population today. Nowadays, we use assisted reproductive methodology-artificial inseminations to treat infertility in the relationship. IUI treatment is one such process that we often use for managing individuals facing Azoospermia issues.


IUI is a process whereby we insert sperms into a woman’s uterus. We offer IUI treatment depending on the ovulation cycle of a lady. We can perform it one to two times daily after detecting the ovulation in a woman. During the IUI process, we deposit higher quality sperm close to where the egg is waiting. It accounts for higher chances of fertility because of egg, as well as the sperm, has higher chances of meeting. In case of Azoospermia, we retrieve sperm from the testacies and deposit in uterus.  That said, with the aid of Ovulation calculator, patients have registered 80% success. In addition, the combination of both Ovulation calculator and IUI treatment has been the best option, just read Iswarya fertility reviews you will understand.

Stimulated and unstimulated cycle

Depending on the kind of your impotence problems, you might call for the use of IUI treatment India. If a patient is on IUI treatment whereas taking fertility drugs as well as observing Ovulation Calculator, we call it an accelerated cycle. It is because drugs enhance ovulation. When we do IUI without employing any drugs, we call it unstimulated, or a natural cycle. During this period, the chances of multiple pregnancies advance. Hence, we don’t encourage taking fertility pills often in the cases of unexplained infertility issues.

Injecting sperm

We inject Sperm into the female’s body using a catheter tube. Our IUI treatment expert inserts the tube into the female’s cervix, and then inserts the sperm into the uterus close to the fallopian tube. We do it to help the sperm to mate with the egg during its journey from the ovary to the uterus. The process has worked very successful in respect to Iswarya fertility reviews!


Unlike normal treatments, you have take time to choose your IUI clinic as well as a physician. At Ishwarya, we provide an experienced medic to help you with your IUI treatment and comfortable experience. Our clinic’s success rate and reputation justify that we’re one of the most secure as well as a dependable infertility treatment center. The IUI treatment India is an expensive process. However, at Ishwarya, we provide this treatment to patients at a cost-friendly pricing. We have a well-trained team of, doctors as well as nurses who will ensure that your IUI process is perfectly executed and comfortable as possible.

We offer donor egg programs

IUI is carried out at our speciality clinic with the help of catheters and tenaculum. We employ of different types of IUI catheters having flexible wire within them. This wire helps our physicians to bend the catheter into the desired shape. We also use a tenaculum to get hold of the cervix wall during IUI treatment India procedure. It also assists in tugging the walls of the cervix and straightens the angular position of the uterus. We understand the role an IUI treatment India might play in your life, and that is why we at Ishwarya ensure an effective infertility treatment.


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